Code of Conduct

Swimming team Aquamen Prague has a code of conduct in place so the trainings operate in a friendly and respectful atmosphere, and can benefit both the swimmers and trainers.


1.) Swimmers have the responsibility to arrive on time i.e. they enter the water at 20:00 and don’t prolong their time out of the water with discussions or horseplay.

  • changing rooms entry is open from 19:45 – individual earlier entry can be arranged if needed

2.) Swimmers who are late enter the water cautiously without interfering with the practice.

  • note that latecomers may be asked to warm-up in a public lane prior to joining teams – it is advised to ask the coach

3.) Those who cannot arrive on time regularly can have late entries agreed upon – the matter should be discussed with coach and the team captain.



4.) treat the coach and every member of the team with respect,

5.) listen when the coach is speaking and do not interfere with talking or horseplay,

6.) make sure they understand the instructions, follow them accordingly, and always ask if a clarification is needed so that the practice itself is not interrupted,

7.) finish laps by touching the pool’s wall unless obstructed,

8.) make room for other swimmers to finish by touching the wall (swimmers do not block the wall),

9.) avoid momentarily standing up in shallow water during the practice as a swimming aid – this leads to a  domino effect when swimmers behind also stand up and block each other.

10.) Best effort is encouraged.

11.) The order of swimmers is designated by the team’s coach, though swimmers should consider their current stamina/skill and may position themselves in the team accordingly if needed. Long-term changes to order should be discussed with the coach.

12.) Alcohol or drug abuse before and during the practice is prohibited.

13.) Aquacenter Šutka’s code of conduct is followed i.e. general hygiene rules like no shaving, nail trimming, hair cutting and no sharp items at the premises.


14.) Swimmers are mindful of their visibility when they represent the team in domestic and international competitions. They behave in a presentable manner that precludes team defamation.

15.) The same rule applies to social media presence with respect to the team and team matters.


16.) Breaking the code of conduct can result in the expulsion from practice or, in rare cases, the team.

17.) Everything can be discussed – it is encouraged to communicate any issues that should arise to the coach, the team’s captains or other team coordinators. Novel ideas and suggestions are always welcome.