Aquameni maji za sebou dalsi uspesne zavody. Tentokrat se vypravili na Berlin Swim 2016, ktery se konal v Berlinskem olympijskem bazenu Europa park. Ucast byla opravdu skvela a byly to asi zatim nejlepe obsazene zavody, na kterych se clenove aquamen vyskytovali. I pres tuto konkurenci nasi plavci zvladli vyhrat nekolik medaili:


– 100m polohovy zavod – 1. misto s casem 01:09,29
– 50m znak – 1. misto s casem 0:32.93


– 50m prsa – 1. misto s casem 0:34:8

Michal, Tomas, Martin a Kamil

– Polohova stafeta 4x50m – 1. misto – 02:08,96

Michal, Tomas, Martin, Jakub

– Stafeta 4x50m – 2. misto – 01:54,43


Mimo medaile si vezou Aquameni spoustu osobnich rekordu z ruznych disciplin

14670816_972138139582351_2086913698168532477_n 14720525_972138142915684_1644098654357822857_n





Aquamen Prague together with our Hungarian friends from Atlasz Budapest are organizing the Sport Camp 2016 which will happen during weekend on 20-23 October 2016.

We’ve just put together the detailed info package of the sports camp in Brno. Registration is open now!
Some important information:
Date: 2016. október 20-23. / 20-23 October 2016
City: Brno (Csehország / Czech Republic).
Sports: squash, badminton, swimming, running.
Accommodation: in a 3* hotel at an affordable price.
Programs: training, making friends, party.
More information is available here
Don’t forget: you can register until 5 October 2016. The first 40 places are guaranteed. :)
Register now on the link below:
See you in Brno.

During weekend on 19th-20th March 2016, Aquamen Prague team participated in the 10th edition of the Duessel-cup. This time, only 7 members of the club has decided to take a long journey to Dusseldorf,  however the event was very successful and many of the swimmers were able to push further their personal best.

Summary of some of the best results:


  • 50m Freestyle:           30,2 and 28,6 in relay
  • 100m Freestyle:      1:03,3
  • 50m backstroke:        33,2


  • 50m freestyle:            29,7 and 29,1 and 28,9 in relays
  • 50m breaststroke:     39,4


  • 50m freestyle:            33,5
  • 50m butterfly:           39,3
  • 100m butterfly:      1:36,9


  • 50m freestyle:            30,3 and 29,2 in relay
  • 50m breaststroke:     38,5
  • 50m butterfly:            33,7


  • 50m freestyle:               27,4
  • 50m breaststroke:       34,0
  • 50m butterfly:              31,0

Sebatian ( first competition)

  • 50m freestyle:            39,2
  • 50m breaststroke:     47,9


  • 100m breaststroke:   1:25, 8
  • 200m breaststroke:  2:59,6

Below some pictures from the event:

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Hey swimmers, we are just in the middle of the preparation for the new edition of Prague Rainbow Spring 2016 Swimming competitions. We are organizing the swimming competition in cooperation with Alcedo Praha sport club. We have many disciplines so everyone should be able to choose his/her favorite one.

  1. 50m freestyle
  2. 200m breaststroke
  3. 100m backstroke
  4. 100m individual medley
  5. 50m butterfly
  6. 400m freestyle
  7. 4x50m freestyle relay Men/Women/Mix
  8. 100m butterfly
  9. 9. 50m backstroke
  10. 200m individual medley
  11. 50m breaststroke
  12. 100m freestyle
  13. 4x50m medley relay Men/Women/Mix
  14. 8x50m freestyle relay – Mix

More information and registration for the event is at